Best Dab Rigs

Dabbing has increasingly become popular in recent years, as it gives smokers a safer and healthier way to enjoy their concentrates. Inhalation of harsh fumes and unhealthy chemicals is now outdated. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to make the most of your favorite extract or concentrate, then dabbing is the way to go. With a dab rig, you decide how much of the product you want to consume at a time. As a result, you use less of your precious product but still gain maximum pleasure, not to mention the health benefits.

Best Dab Rigs

Now that dabbing is so popular, where can you get the best dab rigs? Well, Smoke Cartel and DankStop are the leading online head shops and, these two have a broad selection of rigs just for you. Here is a detailed look at a few of them.

  1. Honeycomb Perc to Turbine Perc Bent Neck Dab Rig by Smoke Cartel (

This dab rig from Smoke Cartel is ideal for the user who wants to enjoy a safe smoke.

The two honeycomb percolators on this rig have several small holes that divide the smoke as it passes through them. As the smoke diffuses through these holes, tar, and other harmful additives are filtered out. This rig also has a bent neck, which prevents water from splashing back into your mouth.

Another great feature of this dab rig is the cyclone percolators. These spin like turbines when water goes through them, creating a fascinating water display. You will enjoy watching the water moving in rapid circles as you enjoy your concentrate. What a way to get a high!

  1. “The Cerebellum” Honeycomb to Swiss Body Bent Neck Concentrate Rig by Smoke Cartel (

This concentrate rig is easily one of the best dab rigs available, due to its Swiss-style percolation system. Swiss-style percolation involves the use of several holes within the rig’s chamber to stir up smoke and water. As this mixture travels up the different holes, it becomes smoother and tastier.

In addition, each percolator has small, honeycomb-like holes, which increase the diffusion rate. This concentrate rig also has a bent neck that prevents you from getting a mouthful of warm water when inhaling. Finally, use of scientific glass for the body increases the product’s durability and longevity.

Purchase this dab rig if you are interested in a pure and flavor-filed smoking experience.

  1. “The Swiss Bottle” Fab Egg Style Baby Bottle Rig with Polished Joint by Smoke Cartel (

If you are a fan of simple designs then this baby bottle rig will fit in perfectly with your décor. The egg-shaped rig in clear glass will give you hours of smoking pleasure.

One of the awesome features of this rig is the diffused downstem, which pushes the smoke from the concentrate into the water, resulting in a smooth and flavor-filled mixture. Another feature is the Swiss Perc system that is full of tiny holes just like a slice of Swiss cheese. This percolation system ensures that the water and smoke mix in just the right proportions, ready for you to inhale and enjoy.

Cleaning the rig is easy, as stains and marks are easily noticeable on the transparent glass body. This rig will give you many years of service before you finally decide to replace it.

  1. Half Fab Egg Perc Water Pipe by DankStop (

The trendy Faberge egg percolator of this concentrate rig makes it one of DankStop’s best dab rigs.

What makes this dab rig unique? First, the mouthpiece has raised glass all round, shaped to fit your mouth perfectly. Secondly, the fab egg percolator has several small holes that aid in diffusion and filtration of the smoke. This percolator also has a hole that is just the right size to fit your dab pipe.

Thirdly, the bent neck gives the dab rig a classy shape. The bent neck also serves as a splash guard and acts a safety measure by extending the mouthpiece away from the heat source. Lastly, the durable thick glass, beautifully polished joint and teal accents on this rig make it a classy addition to your household ornaments.

  1. Sandblasted Stemline Perc Rig with Sidecar Mouthpiece by DankStop (

The unique sandblasted design on the dome of this rig will make you stand out at the next dabbing party!

This rig features a 10-millimeter frosted glass male joint that works best with a female dome of the same size. In addition, the flared mouthpiece gives you comfort as you inhale your favorite concentrate. Your concentrate diffuses through a stemline percolator that transforms it into a clear and smooth vapor. Finally, the sidecar mouthpiece makes sure you don’t get a mouthful of water as you take a rip.

If you like showing off and just stirring conversations whenever you go then get yourself this dab rig, it will define your character!

  1. Two-tone colored Dab Rig with Diffused Downstem by DankStop (

This dab rig features two glass shades woven together to create an intricate pattern on the chamber, neck, and dome. The rest of the rig is clear glass, making it easy for you to clean.

You are sure to get smooth hits when you use this rig, thanks to its diffused downstem that contains tiny slits. These slits aid in filtering and diffusing the vapor from your concentrate. Also, this downstem acts as a safety measure, allowing the smoke to cool before you inhale it.

In addition to the colored sections of this rig, there are some parts made of clear glass that allow you to view your vaporized concentrate bubbling away as it mixes with water. Don’t watch them for too long, though. The bubbles may mesmerize you to the point that you inhale more vapor than you intended to!

There you have it, the best dab rigs on the market. As you plan to make your purchase, bear in mind that you need to get a rig that is easy to clean especially around the mouthpiece. Also, make sure that the rig’s material is durable and will withstand regular usage. In case any of the parts are spoilt, replace them with genuine parts from Smoke Cartel or DankStop.